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(English) Food for The Festive Season - Nov-Des 2012 Edition

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  Towards this end of the year Masak Bareng Yuuk! (Let's Cook Together) chooses "Food for the Festive Season" as it's theme for November - December 2012. We are celebrating several festive occasions, Ied Adha (end of October), Christmas, New Year, Diwali and all sort of other festive celebrations. When people come together, food become an inseparable element that binds everything and everybody together.

Masak Bareng Yuuk! (Let's Cook Together!) invites all of us to share our special festive food. We are sure all of us have food that has become a tradition, inherited from generation to generation and/or something new that has become part of our tradition.

So... Let's Cook Together! Share those memories and family tradition in this Festive Season...
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How to enter the Festive Cooking Event

  1. Entry should be made between 10 November 2012 - 5 January 2013. 
  2. You can submit more than 1 entry
  3. It should be posted on your blog or website or Facebook. For Facebook Posting, We advise you to put it in Notes and put the setting to public for all to see. 
  4. Your post must have the Masak Bareng Yuuk Logo
  5. Please email your data to masakbarengyuuk[at]gmail[dot]com with these following data
    •  Your Name
    • Your Blog Name
    • Your Dish Name and The URL
    • 1 Photo of your Dish (300px width)
    • 1 - 3 lines of comments/description of your entry
  • You can use recipes from various source or your own creation. Please mention the source of your recipe (if any)
  • We respect copyright of your picture and urge you to do the same by only submitting your own picture (s)
  • Indonesian and English are the language preferred for your submission.
  • Next Theme and Submission Schedule will be informed in a separate post after the Round Up
  • If you like, you can share your submission on our Facebook Account. 

So... Come and Let's Cook Together!!! Enjoy the Festive Season!!!

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